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iDigits.com creates custom ceramic, porcelain, glass and marble tiles using the unique artwork of Ira Zoot. Primarily used for commercial, hospitality and residential applications, our products are good on walls, floors or any other area you would use hard surface tile. All of our orders are custom … so we’re able to tailor everything to our customers precise needs. You’re able to pick out your artwork, tile type and size on the website or you can choose to get assistance from our experienced staff.


iDigits.com’s products are sold to Interior Designers, Architects, Home Builders, Retail Stores and end users for the up-scale renovation market.  Our collections of original artwork are constantly growing … enabling customers to have a very wide selection to choose from. iDigits.com also offers 1 of a kind commissioned artwork for clients that need a unique, personalized look or to covey your corporate image.


Who are the customers that iDigits.com artwork and products will appeal too?


Residential:   Kitchens – Bathrooms – Bedrooms - Living rooms – Den - Home offices & more

Commercial:  Offices – Atriums -  Conference rooms - Waiting Rooms & more

Hospitality:  Hotels – Bars – Restaurants – Casinos - Conference Centers - Airports & more

Home & Office Goods:   Trays – Coasters - Mosaic Tile Wall Murals, Ceiling Tiles - Fine art prints - Carpeting & more.

Target Audience: Residential Interior Designers - Commercial Interior Designers – Architects - Home Builders - Retail/Consumer & more.


Our high quality tiles are scratch resistant, UV resistant, made in the USA and use FDA approved inks that are environmentally friendly.


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