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Welcome ... What we will be offering on these pages are examples of how & where our artwork & products can be used. We will be including images from actual in-home and in-business usage as well as illustrated examples. We ask all of our customers if they would be so kind as to send us pictures of their finished rooms. Our intent isn't that new customers duplicate what's already be done ... but to use these images as resources to inspire their own designs/applications. We will be adding examples of other homegoods as well as iDigits textile product examples.

The below images show a few ways of the many that our murals can be laid out & how the look/feel changes with the tile sizes. There are many ways our murals can be used that will add an exciting and unique design element to your rooms.
The look can be further modified by increasing the size of the murals to be more central focal points/art pieces or going as far as making a whole wall your mural. As mentioned elsewhere on the site we can create custom variations of the artwork to personalize it to your home or business on request.


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Please check back soon for many more examples ... we are still in the process of growing our site so changes and additions will be frequent. We appreciate your business and you allowing iDigits to help make your home or business as special as and unique as you want it to be!


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